Monday, 14 June 2010


By George Jerram

The World cup has finally begun and in many peoples eyes it is seen as the greatest sporting show on earth. 32 teams battling it out to be crowned the champions of the world. Will Africa’s 1st Major sporting event be a success? Only time will tell. What is certain is that it will be very different to any of the previous tournaments.

The sights and sounds of South Africa will bring enormous amounts of colour to the tournament. Though the football in the first few days hasn't been anything particularly special the atmospheres have been electric and you can really feel the people of South Africa are embracing every moment.

This has been emphasised with the pure joy that was experienced when South Africa took the lead against Mexico and further more with Ghana’s celebrations against Serbia. As we venture deeper into the competition I can only hope that one of the African teams can produce a special performance and reach the latter stages to mirror the passion of their people.

The England team and supporters should take a leaf out of Africa’s book and just enjoy the spectacle, we might just stand a chance, as in the end it is just a game, a game which is meant to fun.

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