Friday, 9 July 2010


Magnetic Man is the recent dubstep amalgamation of UK bass pioneers, Benga Skream and Artwork.
This homegrown trio rose like hooded phoenixes out of Croydon's garage scene, as individual artists pushing experimental sounds that got heads nodding and sound systems shuddering.
Rumoured to have been locked up in a Cornish studio recently, it has been confirmed that they have been cooking up an album due for release on Columbia Records in the next few months.

"There's some risky tracks on the album that we've done," Artwork commented. "We could just sit down and write straight-up dubstep tracks, but instead we're taking risks. We're not doing what people expect."

Recent performances by Magnetic Man show they have used sounds that appeal to more than just capped grimesters, in order to push themselves into the MTV mainstream. Having recently graced the cover of NME, as an example of 'the state of music today', it appears that they must be worthy of such recognition.

“With all three of us doing it it’s going to get ultra-no-holds barred,” blurted Skream. “This is Magnetic Man. It’s no longer three people: it’s a whole.”
If three heads are better than one then Magnetic Man looks set to resonate their sounds globally.

Accused by the many devout dubstep fanatics to be 'cashing in' or 'selling out' it appears Magnetic Man could face constant scrutiny from loyal heads. Modelling matching white hoodies for their album promo shot, it seems the dubstep musketeers are just desperate for a taste of that boy band bling. Its definitely gonna get them the three cherries and force people to appreciate dubstep as more than just an experimental undercurrent.

Blending their finest, Magnetic Man are due to release their debut single at the end of July. The track 'I Need Air' is dance-floor riot fuel, although the dark signature wobbles of their Croydon days have sadly been neatened by poppy mash-up. It's a track to get the brightest high tops bouncing. If this is what its gonna take to lasso the masses towards the UK bass scene, get the world beating at 140, then big up.

By NettieHurley

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