Thursday, 23 December 2010


There is a certain romance about the English winter, in the depths of summer I often hear friends fantasising about new coats, knitwear and thick, wooly tights. However, everyone seems to conveniently forget the ‘cold spells’ of recent years, which require layer upon layer of knitwear, sensible shoes and a hooded coat simply to go outside. After weeks of wearing the same variation of a parka and sensible boots, even the most stylish outfit underneath makes me feel distinctly uninspired. With few signs of the snow and ice melting, I decided to research some stylish ways to keep warm (layering not included), meaning that even if my train gets delayed by three hours, at least I will be warm and cosy. Here are a few options I discovered, being stylish and warm suddenly doesn’t seem quite so impossible.

Cashmere Hats

The ultimate in luxury, a cashmere hat is not only warm but extremely soft and comfortable. This beauty by Chinti and Parker (£39.50) has been so popular that it currently has a waiting list, which is no surprise considering it comes in four colours with an of the moment bobble; certainly worth risking hat hair for.

Detachable Hoods

A number of coats available on the high street and beyond do not have the useful addition of a hood (perfect hair protector/ear warmer). ASOS have created the perfect solution for anyone having a coat dilemma, a detachable hood that can be matched with a variety of winter outfits. Wear this sheepskin hood with a furry collar to channel Doctor Zhivago or Burberry’s aviator chic in another alternative.


As someone with a fringe which is prone to disaster, a hat is unfortunately not always an option. Earmuffs keep you toasty and come in a variety of styles, from fake fur to knitted and even shaped like animals (Accessorize have even created some with owls on). Earmuffs are also an item of clothing that make people inexplicably happy, mostly as they are very cute and slightly ridiculous (though please remember cosy).

Warm Legwear

This may seem like the most obvious option, however, weather this cold calls for a thicker variety, step forward the humble slipper sock. Recently the slipper sock has thrown off its childish connotations, it is no longer covered in cartoon characters and comes above the knee in fashionable cable knit. The pair above from Topshop (£12) are similar to those seen on the D&G catwalk and for days when wellies are necessary, will look adorable peeking over the top.

As I write this, the snow has began again outside, meaning another exciting Uggs/Parka/Wellies dilemma is due to begin shortly. The thought of a cosy hat or some cute earmuffs for extra warmth will surely help to prevent cold induced hysteria? (a little?), if not please come back clear skies, you are very missed!

Harriet Tisdall

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