Sunday, 30 January 2011


...So after my initial enthusiasm you might say there have been come predictable progressions. Its a couple of weeks since I wrote that last bit and since then, yes, I’ve had a bike accident. I’m FINE, I’m fine; in fact arguably too fine. I’ve got nothing to show for my terrifying ordeal. Well, I say terrifying. Not only have I only got a very small bruise to show for my little incident, I don’t have anyone to blame, because, I suppose, it was my fault. So I was sortof listening to Kraftwerk (Tour de France, naturally) getting into the cycle, feeling the burn and all those related exercise words and I just got a bit too frisky and somehow span off and ended up skidding across Oval on my hip. Bit unconventional. It’s taught me one lesson, there are lots of instances in life when you should refrain from spending money. In Liberty, for example, on haberdashery. But saying: ‘I don’t need those pedal-y bracket things for my bicycle, who am I, Lance Armstrong?!’. Well, news for you guys, bike stuff ain’t like normal stuff; by not needing things you’ve bought for your bike (like a helmet), you actually win! Well, I learnt the hard way, but at least it all worked out for the best, (bicycle is fine, thanks for asking) and THANKS but NO THANKS to the family in a Fiat Punto who had a little peer at me all prostrate on the road and drove off, obviously confident that I was probably fine (Which I was, but.. you know..).

I’ll be back on the cycla’ in the new year, apparently I need to buy some “inner tubes” and a “bike pump”, whatever those useless items are. All is well, just don’t tell my mother.

Morgan Hill-Murphy

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