Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Last week Lily came around for supper and it was a dash to the shop (Waitrose) and then home to whip up something mega quick, easy but healthy and delicious. Hmmmm the problem was making something to fit that criteria without it involving dough or some sort of massive influx of fatty carbohydrate.

I know you probably know this already but Waitrose have these recipes that I’m sure are created for the culinary inept yet enthusiastic types like me. And what’s more, one serving will be no more than £2 at the most. In my eyes this is pretty cheap considering last time I went to Burger King to save money, the greasy buggers charged me a shocking £8!

Due to the fact that our usual suppers end up as burnt carnage Lily and I were more than pleasantly surprised when the end result was delicious.

Rosemary-roasted squash with ham hock and lentils is probably the best damn thing we’ve ever made. And if Lily hadn’t eaten it all it would have made a brilliant lunch type salad thing that would have made my work colleagues think of me as a modern day Delia rather than a tragically young Bridget. Not a chance. Here’s a video if you want to try it at home. You might find the woman a little irritating to start off with but just remind yourself of the end result!

Sacha x

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