Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Described by Vogue fashion director, Kate Phelan as a girl who: “wears clothes you’re not sure where they came from and puts her individual stamp on what she’s wearing”, Edith Blanche Campbell is fast establishing herself as an individual ambassador of English style.

A successful model, currently studying Art History at London’s Courtauld Institute and dating Razorlight front man Johnny Borrell, Edie perfectly juxtaposes the look of an art student with that of a musician: in a recent interview, everything she wore belonged to Borrell apart from her shoes.

Describing her icon as Danny Zuko from Grease (an example of her wit; she does not resemble a T-Bird), the model favours patterned maxi dresses, oversized masculine coats and flat sandals.

As a self-confessed vintage and Marc Jacobs junkie, Edie has become renowned for adding an individual twist to each outfit. She might, for example, pair patent red boots with a block stripe Louise Gray maxi dress.

Edie is a rarity in a world brimming with stylists and seems to dress only for herself.

With her doe-eyed, Jean Shrimpton, English rose looks, her long fringed locks and witty sense of humour, Edie’s enthrallingly, quirky individual style will ensure she is one to watch in 2011.

Harriet Tisdall

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