Saturday, 2 April 2011


Bottletop is a charity that is not only involved with ethical fashion but also music and art. The bags featured below are made from recycled ring-pulls in Salvador, Brazil by 46 local women. All the proceeds contribute towards helping young people all over the world through education projects that empower them to take control of their lives.

Whether it be new ways of finding employment or improving poverty stricken areas, the boys at Bottletop, Oly and Cam, have really tapped into an amazing way to help people. Instead of focusing on the words ‘ethical’ and ‘green’ to push their sales, their ethos is more along the lines of selling the bags because they are cool, modern, unique and you just so happen to be doing something good if you buy one.

Recently, my business partner Vic and co-founder of WLK productions had the pleasure of working with the Bottletop boys on their recent fashion shoot in Somerset. We were involved in both art direction and styling as well as being asked to model the bags!

It helped that the location was magical - with a gypsy caravan and a beautiful pool/barn conversion, it was hard not to take a good photo. With help from Sacha Harrison, Tatty Vaughan and Wolf & Badger– the styling was an eclectic mix that tried to stay simple and current to compliment the bags.

So far the bags have been a success and are becoming more in demand – just spotted a big display at GTC in Holland park!

India Wadsworth

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