Monday, 25 April 2011


I’ve just returned from cheering my uncle and brother on in the London Marathon, and I’d like to say a HUGE congratulations to both of them for completing the 26 miles on one of the hottest days of the year so far. I am sure that when they hit the metaphorical wall they were regretting the decision to take part they made on Boxing Day 2009 after one too many glasses of port.

The run did not look easy or pretty, but I now find myself with this niggling feeling... could I achieve such a feat? I mean I can barely run for a bus let alone put myself through 26 miles! But there is that sibling rivalry that’s just bubbling beneath the surface and I fear I may have to answer its call. I’m not saying I will but I’m definitely thinking about it – taking part in the London Marathon 2012. As I am now the Yes Woman, I feel that if someone were to ask me to accompany them I would naturally have to say...YES!

I am brimming with patriotic pride at the moment...whilst in the midst of the Royal Wedding, Lewis Hamilton wining the Grand Prix in China and now the London Marathon. I have invested in a Union Jack oyster card holder, a Union Jack pillow, Union Jack notelets, Union Jack bunting and let’s not forget the Union Jack dress circa 1997 Ginger Spice at the Brits. I for one am going all out for the wedding weekend. Champagne Breakfast (obviously), cucumber sandwiches, scones, corgis, tiaras, saying ‘orf’ instead of off, the list goes on.

So for all you anarchists/anti-monarchists out there you can put that in your pipes and smoke it!! OR you could just get in to the spirit of things. Indulge in buying a cake cutter in the shape of the crown jewels, have a cup of Tetleys in an official Kate and Wills mug – the list goes on…The UK needs a boost what with the recession, having that goal disallowed at the Football World Cup and losing the 2018 bid so badly, we need something to make us proud of being British again and I for one think that the Royal Wedding is gonna be one helluva reason to party!

A short update on my new life ethos. I am still saying yes to most offers that come my way (I say most because I was asked out for coffee by a balding business man on Tuesday morning whilst waiting on platform 2 for my train to work and I have to admit I said no). Anyway, I said yes to wait for it... GOING TO A KARAOKE BAR!!! Not something I would usually do but rules are rules. Anyway conclusion to the evening is...I loved it! I never knew I could belt out Bon Jovi so well. I’m not saying I’m going to quit my day job but at least I know that there is an alternative.

Cordelia Rosa

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