Monday, 16 May 2011


Have you ever read the back pages of Vogue? The pages that are jam packed of little advertisements? Well the other day, by chance I finally decided to have a rifle though these pages and came across an advert for ‘The Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair’. Of course myself and my vintage shopping addiction decided to go along...

It was a haven of vintage gems. Even the building was vintage. The Old Finsbury Town Hall is in fact a grade 2 listed building and has the most awe inspiring decor. Large , decadent mirrors, blue walls with gold trim and to top it off a professional ballet school practicing downstairs!

There were about 50 stalls spread out between 4 rooms, plus a tea room complete with adorned cupcakes, bunting and ‘The Polka Dot Dolls’ (3 gorgeous ladies dressed in 1950’s style dresses with singing some classic tunes into original microphones).

I could have really splurged but I held back... I only bought a midi pleated skirt (very similar to one in Whistles but at a quarter of the price) and a Grace Kelly Hat as I like to call it. I just need a wedding to go to..... or, what the hell why does one only ever wear hats to grand occasions? I think I’ll wear it to the pub.

The next fair is on Sunday 26th June. I urge you all to go and purchase a bit of old school glamour and rock it with a bit of high street fodder.

Cordelia Rosa

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