Sunday, 29 May 2011


Today, whilst wandering around the supermarket, I came across some new delights: Pineberries!

Pineberries are rather sweet little berries that appear to be confused strawberries. Having stumbled across them, I was delightfully surprised and unable to resist the charm of a fruity foreigner.

A punnet or two later I did some research which told me that pineberries are in fact related to the strawberry; the difference being their considerably smaller size and whiteness in colour. They were first brought into supermarkets in 2010 and made quite the scene when shoppers thought they were confronted by an April Fool’s joke instead of an exotic new fruit.

Upon doing even more research, I learnt that in the taste department pineberries are supposedly akin to a pineapple. However upon personal taste, I feel that they lean towards a more tropical, strawberry flavour. Either way, I think that they are a welcomed newcomer.

Why not make a pineberry pavlova to celebrate?!

Pavlova Recipe:

8 egg whites

500g caster sugar

2tsp white wine vinegar

1tsp vanilla extract

600ml double cream

4 passion fruit

A sprinkling of pineberries to decorate!


- Heat the oven to 180 C

- After separating the whites and yolks, whisk the egg whites to the soft peak stage

- Gradually whisk in the sugar

- Fold in the vanilla and vinegar gently with a slotted metal spoon

- Line a baking tray with parchment and draw a circle on it, roughly 25cm wide (I like to use a plate to draw around)

- Spoon the mixture onto the drawn out circle, making a dip in the centre

- Put in the oven and turn the heat down to 120 C straight away and cook for an hour

- Turn the oven off and leave the meringue in the oven until it is totally cool

- To serve, peel the parchment off the bottom of the meringue and place on a serving dish

- Whip up the double cream until it just starts to thicken (take care not to over whip), and mix in the flesh of the 4 passion fruit

- Spoon this over the meringue and decorate with the pineberries

(NB. before decorated with cream and fruit, the meringue base will keep in an airtight container or tin for a few days or in the freezer for 3-4 weeks).

Georgina Davies

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