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There is no doubt that Eliza Doolittle’s musical talent has made a huge impact on the British music scene. Cecilia Seilern talks to the artist about her inspiration, fashion and life style as a vibrant, new recording artist…

Cecilia Seilern: What are your musical influences?

Eliza Doolittle: I listen to everything from Stevie Wonder to Steely Dan, beach Boys, Carole King, Paul Simon, Beatles, Beyonce, Burt Bacarach...loads of stuff!

CS: Were you listening to any particular music in the making of your album?

ED: I did listen to a lot of Kinks, Beach Boys, Stevie and Burt but I always do!

CS: What are you listening to a lot at the moment? Top 5 iPod picks, either artists or tracks.

ED: oooo! CeeLo - Fuck You, Janelle Monae - Tightrope, Marvin Gaye - Anger, Dionne Warwick - Do You Know the Way to San Jose, Duncan - Paul Sion

CS: You filmed the video for 'Pack Up' in Jamaica - it's amazing by the way! - Please can you tell us about your decision to shoot there and your Caribbean experience? Also, are you inspired by Caribbean sound?

ED: We needed to shoot somewhere where we knew it would be hot hot hot! Jamaica or Cuba were the choices. Jamaica was definitely a perfect choice for Pack Up. The song is about being carefree, realising how lucky the majority of us are. And being somewhere like Jamaica where poverty is a huge issue amongst other things and seeing how people just roll on with things and seem happy. "No problem" is the catch phrase over there! It was amazing fun and gave the perfect message.

CS: 'Pack Up' is about letting go of your worries and not paying attention to other people’s whispers. Is this your personal attitude to life?

ED: It's about not worrying about that kind of thing as there is much worse going on out there somewhere else so…I try and have that philosophy at all times!

CS: We really like your live act with your band; the sound, the look etc... Can you tell us about the thought process behind the way you chose your simple string and percussion arrangement? What sound were you hoping to evoke?

ED: I wanted to have something different with the live set up, something you hadn't quite seen before, so as most of the album has double bass over electric, I went for that with acoustic guitar and simple high hat snare and kick drum kit. I have extended the band now to keyboards, violin and more kit to bring out the sound from the record into the live show a bit more.

CS: What are you working on now?

ED: I am working on the live set up and doing lots of gigs. I am also working on getting my music out to lots of different countries - as far as I can go really!

CS: Your handsome three boys in the band all wear the same thing on stage, usually a shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck and beige trousers. How did that uniform come about and do you have any preference to the way your men dress?

ED:I love the look of my boys, the inspiration was classic barbershop quartet!

CS: I know you're obsessed with trainers. Do you have any favourites at the moment? How many do you own?

I have about 25 pairs now I think !!! I am constantly wearing my vintage style light blue blazer Nikes at the moment.

CS: Do you have any style tips/secrets to give away?

ED: Not really, I'm always asking for the tips myself !

CS: It was just fashion week. Did you go to any shows and if so what were your highlights?

ED: I was working in Europe for most of London fashion week but I managed to get to PPQ and Julian J Smith. I saw some of the Mark fast show online and that looked amazing!

CS: Who are your favourite designers at the moment?

ED: Mark Fast, KoKon Tozai, Moschino, Chanel, Tim Ryan, Vivienne Westwood.

CS:. In keeping with your North London roots, what is your favourite place to shop in north London?

ED: Camden. It's full of amazing vintage shops that I'm always popping into.

CS: What are your favourite hangouts in North London?

ED: Pub -Lock tavern

Bar - Flowerpot

Restaurant - Nando's

Venue - Roundhouse

You can but Eliza’s new single ‘Rollerblades’ here.

Thanks Eliza, we love you xx

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