Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This is probably my highlight of the year so far…. I remember first hearing this song in the depths of Wales after an extremely strenuous walk and I thought ‘God we haven’t heard such a banging song in yonks!’ It wasn’t just my then current lack of energy and desperate need to perk up - I have loved this song thoroughly from the beginning like a crooning mother hen and when Gwyneth Paltrow covered it in Glee I was all the more merrier.

This performance was everything and more to me because it was just so damn visually entertaining: Big man Cee lo in a multi-coloured feathered suit complete with glittering scalp, puppets, a live band with all those little snippets that you just don’t get from a record and of course Gwyneth charmingly larking around in Louboutins and pink feathered earrings. Priceless!

Sacha x

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