Saturday, 5 February 2011


The new year’s resolutions are well and truly over and gridlock, snowy Britain seems a distant memory. The early February buzz of the Six Nations rugby tournament is upon us once more.

It all began last night at a packed Millennium Stadium with a crunching tie between the resurgent English and the passionate Welsh. England prevailed in an enthralling game that started the tournament in a fashion that I can only hope continues.

As an avid spectator, I like to be entertained as much as the next person and Friday night was a perfect example of that. With a Rugby World Cup around the corner, this year is incredibly important for the players to not only entertain but put results on the board. This will only lead to confidence and who knows what could happen down under come October.

There have been arguments in the past that the quality of rugby in the tournament is poor compared to our cousins in the southern hemisphere. To some extent I can agree with this however nothing quite beats the atmosphere of the Millennium Stadium or the passion of the Italian fans or the history of England vs. Scotland. This is something that can never diminish so let’s hope for a spectacle in these coming weeks but most of all let’s see the passion the teams and fans produce.

George Jerram

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