Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Every photographer believes they can double up as a director. I am no different.
I cautiously stepped in to the world of directing with a music video for an up and coming band, Rocketeer (www.rocketeermusic.co.uk). They came up with the idea of a tongue-in-cheek battle scene set at the turn of the 19th century with a story line that a Hollywood writer would be proud of: prosthetic wounds, scars and of course some kick ass weapons. All that in a four minute video. Easy (sarcastically said!).

I assembled a dream team of make up artist supremo, Lillie Lindh and one ace assistant we shall call Jack, as that is his name. So a two day shoot followed in the depths of the New Forest with high stress levels, little sleep and a 20kg steadicam rig attached to me for 9 hours a day.
The band played their parts brilliantly, got really stuck in and my dream team outdid themselves tremendously. This is what a 2 day shoot and 20 solid days of learning how to use iMovie can produce, enjoy:

Tommy Clarke

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