Saturday, 12 February 2011


In the words of Alan Carr:- Back in the 90s it was cool to be a DJ. Now it’s cool to be a comedian.

So, in the gloomy months pre-spring and post the month that I like to call ‘spending all my bloody wages buying stuff for other people (other people call it Christmas..), …Bah! Humbug! What could be better than hearing the change jingle in your pockets from laughing rather than simply acting as an audible reminder that tonight’s dinner can only amount to £1.65 and only if the cashier is open to bartering a paper clip, button and varying sizes of rich tea crumbs (in the market stalls of Peru these are worth their weight in gold.)

I will be reviewing all the best comedy gigs in and around London as well as further a field. No city is safe.

Chris Addison has now become a familiar face in the Direct Line adverts after breaking into mainstream consciousness with ‘The Thick of It’ television series and the feature length episode, ‘In The Loop.’ He now frequently graces the panel of many comedy quiz shows including Mock the Week. His satire is pithy and his enviable quick thinking is something not to miss.

Along side some much anticipated stand up dates being announced at the beginning of this year, Chris will be recording a stand-up special for the comedy channel, Dave in his home town of Manchester on the 20th of February. Get your tickets now.

In Chris’s own words: “Come along. It should be huge fun.”

Olivia Bailey

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