Sunday, 20 February 2011


Yesterday was a wet weather, McDonalds and cinema day suitably followed by an afternoon nap and a second bacon sarnie. Unfortunately I had to drag myself out of bed (but quite gladly) to go see the Charles Anastase AW11 show.

I always have mixed feelings about fashion week. Plans are always so ambiguous and the whole kerfuffle I feel has sadly become more focused on who is who rather than the height of creativity that swarms the catwalks. And then the parties… you don’t really want to go but you feel that you should to show that you have made a little bit of effort. But this year I have made a strict rule with myself to stop getting over frazzled about this one week and just focus on the important thing…the clothes.

To all those who are not aware of Charles Anastase’s signature look and muse, it is the girl all too well known as Lolita. The young, na├»ve but sexually active, promiscuous girl who captures the interest of all those who look upon her. Sadly nowadays I feel that it is quite difficult for people to shock or disturb but Anastase’s obsession with this character still remains steady in the heart of his work.

Heavy satin frocks, frilled collars, lingerie-esque dresses in pale pink, tightly done up shirts and school girl jackets portrayed the youth of a twelve year old despite the models being undeniably older. Toitering on towering heels one girl faltered and slipped which in my mind added to the whimsical bambi effect.

Hair was Ophelia frizzy and models were adolescently skinny illustrating a child-like silhouette. However, there were also glimpses of a more evocative side contradicting any wide eyed naivety in a seductive but distortive manner. Mature fabric and long, heavy cashmere and silk coats were a perfect fit but appeared disconcerting on the Lolita figure. Nude dresses suggested innocence but they were just that little bit see through until Anastase went all out with a black velvet jumpsuit, sheer bodice and embellished collar.

Chic, tailored and conservative with room for playfulness this AW11 Charles Anastase continued his journey towards finding the perfect Lolita.

See Charles Anastase here:

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